Mo’s Story Part 1

01-dog-behaviour-trainer-testimonial-Lorna-Mo“We had our female cockapoo, Mo, from the age of eight weeks and had done all the usual socialisation and obedience training. She was a very loving, intelligent, happy dog but there was one problem we could not overcome, she guarded objects and toys, especially those she found herself. Mo would guard the item and growl, bark and become aggressive if we approached or tried to take them away from her.

She was nearly two and half years old when we went away on holiday and Mo went to stay with Eva Simova in Barrowby, she instantly recognised that this behaviour could not be tolerated, especially when there were young children around who could be frightened or at risk during an aggressive outburst.

With her natural empathy and knowledge of dog behaviour Eva was able to gently overcome Mo’s problem. She gradually won her trust and confidence and Mo will now happily give up an item to anyone on request.

Six months later after Mo’s return to us, she is still our happy, loving dog and has never guarded anything again.”

Lorna Stewart, Bingham February 2017

Mo’s Story Part 2

“In early summer 2017 we went on holiday with Mo and we noticed that she was becoming defensive, almost aggressive when other dogs approached. This was most noticeable when I was with her and she was on the lead, if another dog came close to us she would growl and bark.

I have a back condition and I find it painful to be jerked or pulled around so not only did we need to stop her aggressive responses but also to get her to steadily walk to heel.

On our return from holiday I asked Eva for her advice and she explained Mo’s behaviour – she was guarding me because she felt that I was not in control of the situation and that she had to take charge when other dogs were around. She did not see me as her ‘leader’, I was in fact one of her ‘followers’ and she had to protect me.

Eva showed me how I could change this by calmly asserting myself and controlling her natural drives to lead and gradually I won her over.

Eva also showed me how to control her urge to pull on the lead when we are out walking, by making it clear to her that I did not accept her pulling, she now walks quietly at my side when I want her to.

Mo is now much calmer and more relaxed and I am confident when with her around other dogs.”

Lorna Stewart, Bingham, 20 January 2018



“We have Amber since August 2016. She is a rescue dog and she came to us with couple of behaviour issues.

We visit a dog behaviourist, we absolved a dog obedience training but unfortunately at the end we have been told that we will never be able to let Amber off leash on a walk. Despite this we didn’t give up on our dream to have a trusting and happy relationship with Amber.

In January 2017 we have met Eva by dog walking. That time we mainly struggle with Amber’s reactivity on the leash to another dogs. We have been afraid that she is aggressive to them but Eva explained us why is she behaving like this and showed us how to calm her down. Another problem was that she was barking on the neighbour and traffic. In Eva’s hand was Amber relaxed and calm without any bark. She explained us the importance of pack leadership role by living with a dog. By home visit she gave us exact instruction how to interact with Amber so she knows that we are in charge and don’t need to worry about anything.

Eva’s approach to Amber was very gentle and calm, we have noticed that Amber is very relaxed and trusting during whole process of the training. We slowly started to relax and build a trust towards Amber as well. Eva supported us also by recall training and after a time we achieved to let her off leash. While this process we became more and more confident and at the moment Amber can enjoy off leash walk with us even when we are on holiday. We still working on recall because sometimes Amber doesn’t come straight away but we are very comfortable and not scared any more that she runs away from us.

We still have Eva’s support and know we can contact her if any issue arise. Just recently, Amber suddenly start to refuse to go into a boot of our car, she stayed in a eight yards distance and refused to move towards the car, Eva helped us and in ten minutes was the problem solved.

We are so happy with Eva’s professional services that we have recommended her to our friends and we will continue doing so.”

Brian and Joan Richardson, Grantham, 31 May 2017



“Eva has been training and walking my dog over the past few months. He is a cross from border and patterdale terrier nearly three years old.

When Eva started training he was extremely over anxious and very excitable, puller while on the leash with no recall at all. Since training with Eva he is a completely different dog it is a pleasure to have him on the lead and now walks beside me no pulling (I am disabled) so this is for me a complete success. She conquered recall in a quiet no nonsense attitude which my dog obeys. My dog now obeys my commands which Eva has taught both me and my dog.

Dogs are strange and wonderful creatures to share your life with and thanks to Eva for her complete dedication I now have found that.

Eva is deeply compassionate about her training of dogs. She has a quiet manner, a firm attitude and is completely dedicated to her dogs. I would personally recommend her whole heartly as a trainer (any breed large or small). She has compassion and is trustworthy, kind and loyal.”

Mrs Margaret Wilson, Barrowby, 20 June 2017



“Oakley is a five and a half year old rescued lurcher and we have owned him for the last three and a half years. Our struggle with him is his reaction to other dogs on a lead and no recall so we were very reluctant to let him off his leash.

Eva was recommended to us by good friends of ours who had had a very positive experience with Eva helping them with their rescue dog. Eva visited our house to talk to us regarding our concerns about Oakley and she gave us some pointers and also walked Oakley to see where the problems were occurring.

We have been very pleased with the help she has given us and we learned how to communicate with Oakley so he listened to us.

The greatest success is what we never thought possible as we now let Oakley off his lead while exercising him on the local fields.

We are very happy to recommend Eva to anyone who requires help with their dog.”

Jacqui and Howard Fisher, Grantham, 31st. January 2018




Tess is in the middle
Tess is in the middle

“Dear Eva,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the great help you have given me and my little dog.

When we met I had almost reached the stage of giving up. It seemed as if I couldn‘t give my dog the home she needed. Although some things worked very well at home, she was very reactive outside and this unsettled her so much, she couldn‘t listen or settle for quite a while. Every walk felt like a survival treck, she pulled and lurched and barked at people and dogs. Usually I returned home feeling frazzled too. I used a harness, which she hated. It worked but it was managing, not resolving the problem.

When I saw how she behaved with you on your very first training session, I could see how she was engaging and responding, it became clear it would be possible to work things out. I just needed to understand what I needed to do.

So I tried to follow your advice, even when I couldn‘t see how it would help and very quickly there were changes. Every session brought new learning for me and I can see that this way of being with my dog is firm but kind, because she is so much more relaxed and happy as a result (me too).

I don‘t know how many sessions we had, maybe 5 over 6 months? I don‘t find anything a problem now, although there are things I would still like to improve…so you haven‘t seen the last of me!

Tess is settled and sociable…still her reactive, joyous little self, but not in the red zone, she can hear and respond as she should. We understand each other so much better.

Thank you from both of us!”

Jennifer Buckwell, Barrowby 20. May 2018



“I first met Eva at the end of 2017 after giving a rescue lurcher a home. Poppy was found dumped in a horsebox with a broken leg. When I first homed her, there were several issues to deal with.

Poppy suffered with quite severe separation anxiety. After initially improving she was beginning to soil in the house.

Poppy was also dominant on the field off the lead. She would hound other dogs and “mouth” them on their backs. Consequently, I was unable to let her run free regularly.

Poppy was reasonable on the lead, but did have a tendency to pull, and always led.

She also jumped into the seat someone was going to sit on or jump up at me when I arrived home.

I invited Eva to my house to discuss how to make changes and improve things for Poppy and myself. Eva was lovely. She listened to my difficulties and explained the cause of the behaviour. Poppy was immediately obedient to Eva, it was such a surprise. Eva taught me techniques to deal with the various issues. We met a few more times to continue the training.

Poppy is a different dog. She is clean at home, she walks beautifully on the lead. She no longer hounds other dogs and is learning to play with them. She knows I am the master and is loving and affectionate. She is an utter delight.

I cannot praise Eva’s teaching and techniques enough. She is indeed another dog whisperer. Thank you Eva.”

Sue, Barrowby, 10. July 2018



“Eva has undertaken three sessions with my small dog who was exhibiting problematic behaviours including aggression. After working with Eva he has improved considerably and is a lot calmer and happier. I began to see results immediately. She has really built my confidence also in how to deal with my dog, to understand what he does to get him to behave well. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services as a dog behaviourist to any dog owner.”

Loretta, Sedgebrook, 17. July 2018



“Eva came to my house to help with my JRT/Yorkiepoo cross. I was having problems with her eating meals, walking and her barking/growling at certain types of dogs.

I found Eva to be very knowledgeable in the ways of dogs and explained why my dog was behaving the way she was. She gave me sound advice on handling meal times, which I followed and has worked; my dog now eats one meal a day all in one go thanks to the advice given.

My partner and I were shown the correct way to walk my dog and how to deal with her problems when walking. Eva fully explained why my dog reacted the way she did and on a few occasions when out walking we have come across Eva walking her own dog and without asking has given advice and even taken over walking my dog to show what we were doing wrong and how to do it right.

Eva has a different approach to dog training using the psychology of dogs to help train them and to give you a better understanding on how a dog reacts to certain situations. Her explanations are clear, specific and easily understood and I can highly recommend her to train your dog.

Yours truly”

Lesley Heap, Barrowby, 22/7/2018