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Hi, I’m Eva, a dog behaviour training specialist.

Dog behaviour training combines canine psychology and behaviour, the study of which allows us to understand and recognise a dog’s needs as an individual.

By applying this knowledge, along with the help of simple dog training methods using positive reinforcement, I can help you maintain the natural balance and harmony your dog was born with.

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I offer one-to-one sessions to teach you how to communicate with your dog to achieve desired behaviour.

From my own personal experience, I understand the perfectly trained dog does not necessarily behave and the perfectly behaving dog does not necessarily obey.

I will teach you how to talk your dog’s language and basic training techniques, so he/she chooses to follow your guidance.

By using this holistic approach, I will help you create an ideal and lasting relationship between you and your dog. Clear communication with your dog will ensure you will have the most loyal and enjoyable companion.

Dogs are innately very social creatures and most of undesirable dog behaviours are usually caused by their owners.

In 95% of cases, owners reinforce unwanted behaviour without knowing it.

But do not panic, you have the power to change this.

If you are struggling in any way with your dog, a solution is at hand. By understanding and fulfilling your dog’s instinctive needs, inappropriate behaviour can be changed and balance restored. Your dog has to feel secure and have a clear understanding of the rules, boundaries and limitations in his/her environment. I can show you how to achieve this by guiding you through the steps to improve your dog’s behaviour, happiness and overall wellbeing.

My methods can help with all unwelcome behaviour, including:

  • unwanted jumping
  • refusing to come when called
  • excessive barking
  • pulling and lunging on the leash
  • possessive behaviour and guarding resources (food, toys, person etc.)
  • destructive chewing
  • signs of separation anxiety (pacing, whining, barking, trying to escape from the house, destructive behaviour, urinating and defecating when you leave the house)
  • aggression towards you, other dogs, other people etc.

My aim is to improve the relationship between you and your dog to guarantee a happy, social, relaxed and playful companion by your side.

I have studied Dog Behaviour Training, Domestic Animal Care, Pet sitting and Dog Walking and continuously work to expand my knowledge, helping to make the planet a more peaceful and harmonious place for people and their pets.

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I look forward to chatting to you about your best friend.